the valentine project

The Valentine project is an ongoing collaboration with the Artist Victoria Bernie. The project received funding from Creative Scotland in 2013 through the Imagining Natural Scotland Project.

The Valentine Project deploys the specialist knowledge of Landscape Architecture, Visual Art, Ecology and Historical Geography in the exploration of a sequence of iconic landscape views (The Valentine Collection of postcards). Through a process of investigation [fieldwork, dialogue and archive research] deconstruction [drawing, sampling, survey and documentation] and invention [drawing] the project seeks to define a new graphic language for the representation of landscape in Scotland. The approach centres upon the development of a highly specialised drawing language that seeks to communicate the action and interaction of natural [biotic] and human [abiotic] factors upon the landscape. The output is intended as a counter-tactic to the limiting conventions of landscape representation, an alternative image, able to engage citizens with landscape and stewardship.

archival research.jpg

Research - Lisa Mackenzie and Victoria Bernie (Artist)

Archives of the University of St Andrews


Core sample - calibration - small.jpg

Drawing: Core Sample - Falls of Tarf - Lisa Mackenzie 2014


falls of tarf Test 001b.jpg

Drawing Experiment: Fall scenography - Falls of Tarf - Lisa Mackenzie 2014